The Power of A PBX In A Hosted Application

If you need the capability of a PBX with the flexibility of the Cloud, Nova Communications has a variety of solutions to fit your needs.

At Nova Communications we believe in offering several options for our customers to choose from.  No need to try to make your business fit into one solution because that is all our competitors offer.  Nova allows you to still go hosted without being trapped into a system with very little customizable options.  You can have it all!

Below you will see how our Zultys system offers you every bell and whistle imaginable that a high powered premised based system includes.  Now your can have all of this in the cloud.  The best part… choose how many of which type of user is needed for your business.  Do you have a call center atmosphere or would like one?  Our hosted allows you to have supervisors, agents, and add or subtract users as needed.  What about your road warriors?  Do they need a functional mobile application?

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