Are Desk Phones Going Away?

October 10th, 2013 by admin



October 1, 2013  By toshibatelecom
Are desk phones going the way of the Dodo Bird?  If you ask anyone under the age of 25 you might get a different response than if you asked a 35 year old who sits at a desk job on a daily basis.  The younger generations are growing up without house phones and the idea of a landline seems a bit superfluous.  Why would you need a desk phone when your mobile phone allows you the option of mobility and accessibility?  With a mobile device you can stand up, pace, walk to your car, or even drive while doing business.  To some it would seem like a waste of money and resources to have a phone that only worked in one location.
However, there are many advantages to the desk phone.  For example, the possibility of dropping a call or having a bad signal is reduced to almost nothing when using a landline.  And for the businesses that are mainly call-oriented, i.e. call centers, customer service departments, etc., the possibility of losing a call could hurt your business in the long run. Though the business world today is more mobile and business is being conducted anywhere and everywhere with the use of smart phones, the desk phone still has its uses.  Until we truly want to be in an environment where we can be reached for business 24/7 and we overcome the technical difficulties of dropped calls and bad reception, we think desk phones will live for a while longer.  And in some senses we need them, if for no other reason than to help us workaholics learn to separate work from home life and create boundaries.  Who really wants to be able to conduct business at any time or place?  If you’re under 25, don’t answer that.

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