Toshiba Phone Instructional Videos

Toshiba’s Power of Choice In IP Telephone Systems

Transfer Conference Control

Transfer A Call

Setting LDC Contrast

Setting Brightness Control For 9-Line Telephone

Overview of Telephone Control Buttons

Call Forward Internally or Externally

Use the Mic or Mute Button

Using the Caller ID Button

Use the Hold Feature

Store Numbers in a One Touch Button

Setting Volume Control

Setting Up Voicemail for the First Time

Setting Backlight On and Off for 9 Line Phones

Retrieve A Parked Call

Redirect A Message

Program and Use Personal Speed Dial

Park a Call


Manage Extended Absence Greeting

Manage Default Greeting

Manage a Conference Call

Making a Call From the Dial Directory

Making a Call From a Speaker Button

Making a Call From a Handset

Making and Using Your Personal Speed Dial

To Hold a Conference Call

To Clear a Number From Personal Speed Dial

Check New Messages in Voicemail

Change the Voicemail Password

Answering a Call

Overview of the 5000 Series Telephones

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