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Businesses of All Sizes

Whether your business is small or large, a single location, or a branch location of a larger organization, you need a communication system that enables you to connect with your customers and promote collaboration within your organization; a system that lets you work exactly as you need to today, while giving you the ability to cost-effectively add capabilities as you grow; a system that utilizes the latest technologies to save you money, boost productivity, improve customer service, and deliver a superior return on your investment.

Nova Communications provides the ultimate in modular, scalable, and networkable telephone solutions for today’s businesses.

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Strata CIXThe ultimate in modular, scalable, and networkable telephone solutions for today’s businesses. Configurable with all IP telephones, all digital telephones, public or private network connections, or combinations in between.Call Center SolutionsThe Strata ACD application gives call centers the ability to determine how calls are best distributed to their ACD Agents. ACD call centers can be Telemarketing, Customer Service, Technical Support, or any other group that handles large numbers of calls. With the Strata ACD application, calls can be directed in a variety of ways to ensure that calls are handled quickly and efficiently while interacting with applications from other vendors like OAISYS that help meet the overall needs of Call Documentation (recording application) and MIS applications.Healthcare SolutionsWith a wide variety of devices and peripherals, the integrated Strata CIX and IgeaCare products address the communication needs of hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living homes and senior apartments.IP TelephonesOur full line of versatile and innovative telephones gives you the choices you need, both now and as your business grows.


Data Sheets

Strata CIX 100Strata CIX 200Strata CIX670Strata MASDigital Telephones Stratagy ES8/ES48/ES96Stratagy iES16/iES32Stratagy IVP8Networking Solutions


Application Sheets

Computer Telephony IntegrationFeatureFlexStrata Mobility Strata VM Basics (Stratagy Voice Mail)Stratagy ES Unified Messaging with Stratagy View


Brochure & Data Sheet Downloads (PDF)

Strata CIX Family BrochureStrata CIX40 BrochureStrata CIX100 Data SheetStrata CIX200 Data SheetStrata CIX670 Data SheetStrata CIX1200 Data SheetStrata Voice Mail Advanced ApplicationsStrata Voice Mail Data Sheet Net Phone Data SheetSystem Management Tools Data SheetToshiba DP Telephones BrochureToshiba IP Telephones BrochureToshiba Mobility App SheetVCS Data Sheet

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