National Accounts

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If your company has multiple locations, and you want to standardize your business communications system throughout your organization, you face a series of challenges that needs solutions.

The fact is you need more than high-quality telecommunications equipment standardized throughout your organization. You also need a simple, reliable, standardized way to select, purchase, install and service that equipment — no matter where your offices are located nationwide.

The 12 Powerful Questions answered by becoming a National Account

  • Can a single supplier provide and distribute equipment to each location?
  • Should you contract with a local dealer or a national supplier?
  • Will the supplier be in business two years from now? Five years from now?
  • Can equipment prices be guaranteed in advance?
  • Can labor prices be guaranteed in advance?
  • Who will manage the installation?
  • Will billing be centralized?
  • Are payment options available?
  • Is a down payment required?
  • Who will install the system?
  • Is the installation reliable and guaranteed?
  • Can a single supplier provide ongoing service for each location?

Nova Will Help You Explore ALL Options

Hosted, Virtual, VoIP or Traditional Phone System… Which fits your company best?