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Nova Technologies has a history of doing all we can to ensure the very best utilization of the technology products we sell to our partners. We don't just provide business phone system equipment and service; we provide a stake in the business of our customers. We learn your business and work with you to ensure you are receiving the very best value.

Let us help you find the best solution for your business communications.

What Our Customers Are Saying

" The service was exceptional! Don is always super helpful but he really went above and beyond on this particular request. He was friendly, patient, very professional did an excellent job troubleshooting. We have an older voicemail system that sometimes requires more work. Don had already talked to me about this call forwarding programming in person and then over the phone twice. It worked on my phone but not on my co-workers. When we couldn't figure it out over the phone, he did not hesitate to stop by for a quick visit which resolved the problem. My co-worker has since moved to Arizona where he is working remotely and seamlessly receiving his calls thanks to Don's extra efforts. Please give Don a raise the next time you can – he is a great tech! Thanks! "

Wendy, Founder/CEO (Globex Corporation)

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