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Thank you for the follow-up. Greg was really helpful this morning! You guys are awesome!

– Elizabeth

Thanks so much! I really do appreciate the Nova customer service.

– Travis

You actually never have to ask me how things went. Your guys are the best and when something isn't working or needs to be fixed they are on it and see the work through until there is a resolution. I enjoy working with you guys and would recommend your company to anyone.

– Bryan

Everything went very well and quickly. I cannot think of any way your service (as we have experienced it) could be better. Thanks.

– Jay

Everything went great!

– Heidi

Anthony did fix the issue with 238 and then fixed our email this morning. He took care of everything in a timely manner.

– Tricia

Everything went great! Don was prompt, got the job done quickly, and double checked to be sure all was working as we needed it. All this and he's personable, too. Thanks for asking.

– Jay

Thanks for helping with the caller ID issue! You guys rock!

– Michael

We had Don out here twice and both times, he was more than fantastic. He was really patient in his training and very thorough. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

– Lisa

Great job. It took him 3 minutes to fix the issue.

– Ray

It all went very smoothly. Thanks!

– Chris

The issue was taken care of. Your tech did a good job while he was here and explained the issue to me.

– Bob

Anthony was Great! He helped me all kinds of questions that I had on the phone system and was VERY patient! Thank so much!

– Brenda

I had Kevin and Shari adjust out auto-attendant, they were great to work with, it was done quickly and sounds perfect, it has been nice working with Kevin at Nova, he responds to my calls and answers my questions or solves my problems in a very prompt manner. I look forward to working together in the future.

– Dave

Eric did a great job, better than anyone could expect. Tanya is really happy with the way her new phone is set up. Thanks for checking up.

– David

I am the Desktop Support Tech that spoke with Kevin on the phone the other day about our voicemail system. Kevin was very pleasant to deal with and was knowledgeable about our system. He was able to assist me in making the configuration change within a few minutes. Thank Kevin again for his great assistance!

– Bill

As always, you guys did a great job, and were wonderful to interact with! Kudos to you all!

– Rachel

It went very well! He was very helpful and took care of things for me very quickly.

– Sue

Don was very helpful and resolved our issue quickly. Very happy with the services. Thank you.

– Adam

Great service as always. Thanks

– Tami

Working with Kevin was terrific and, as usual, his level of customer service is top notch. He is an asset to your company.

– Susan

Very good, very professional.

– Tom

I'm always pleased with the service Nova Technologies offers. You have very good techs that know what they are doing.

– Jose

Oh my gosh Shannon… he was amazing. Thank you… now that's my kind of service… They had someone call me back right away… he looked into it – asap

– Tamma

Tech seemed knowledgeable, and was pleasant to work with while he was here.

– Marty

Thanks for helping me with the password problem this morning. The tech was very helpful. Problem solved.

– Julie

The service was exceptional! Don is always super helpful but he really went above and beyond on this particular request. He was friendly, patient, very professional did an excellent job troubleshooting.

We have an older voicemail system that sometimes requires more work. Don had already talked to me about this call forwarding programming in person and then over the phone twice. It worked on my phone but not on my co-workers. When we couldn't figure it out over the phone, he did not hesitate to stop by for a quick visit which resolved the problem. My co-worker has since moved to Arizona where he is working remotely and seamlessly receiving his calls thanks to Don's extra efforts.

Please give Don a raise the next time you can – he is a great tech! Thanks!

– Wendy

I don't remember the wonderful person who helped me change the names, but he did a wonderful job explaining the process.

– Karen

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