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Communications is the lifeline of any business. We know that a down system means loss of business. This is the reason behind our Partner Program. By Partnering with you to create a proactive system of maintenance, we strive to keep your system healthy and running so business can grow.

Our program includes the following advantages:

Partner Program Overview

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  • Priority Scheduling for Projects
    When you call into our Partnership Operations Center you will automatically be moved to the top of our board because we know how valuable your phone system is to your business.

  • Priority Dispatch on all Service Calls
    At Nova Technologies we will find the technician closest to your location so that we can keep response times short by routing the technician nearest to you right away.

  • Guarantee of Inventory
    Another thing that separates our company from the competition is that we recognize that your phone system is the life blood of your organization, which is why we keep all of the equipment for your phone system in our inventory and in our trucks. As you can imagine this is a substantial financial commitment that we make but that is how we do business, we want our customers for life so we keep all of your inventory on hand.

  • No Charge On "No Trouble Found" Service Calls
    If we cannot duplicate the problem that you called in for us to solve, you don’t need to worry about it. We are not going to charge you.

  • Includes A Discount On All Onsite Labor & Equipment For Projects
    We are going to give you a discounted rate of labor and equipment to meet your company needs as you grow.

  • Remote Programming Changes
    The equipment installed on your system allows us to connect remotely making some changes quicker, better, easier, and we provide you with this service for free.

  • Software Only Upgrades
    Keeping current on your phone software is just as important as on your computers. Updates help to ensure that your system is running properly. We do that for you with software assurance for manufacturer’s updates.

  • Connectivity Issues Resolved With One Call
    We want to be your total voice solution. We recognize that calling your carrier can mean a long line of auto attendants and waiting to actually get a live person. We will help with this and in return we ask to be the ones to coordinate their ordering and auditing also so that we can best help you.

  • Local, Long Distance, And Service Provider Review
    Gartner research shows that 75% of all connectivity bills are wrong and people are charged incorrectly. Nova will provide free consultation and analysis these for you and make sure that you are not paying too much. We will help with any corrections needed.

  • Periodic Replacement Of Handset And Station Cords
    After a while station cords can be a tangled mess. We replace those for you for free!

  • Annual Check-Up
    At least once per year, we are going to send one of our highly trained technicians out to your office to check on the system and back everything up, clean off the dust and check in to see how things are going.

  • Backup And Archiving System Database
    We are going to back up all of the information on your system. Many companies put in your system and leave. We do not do that. We make sure that your system is backed up and maintained in case of hardware or software failure.

  • Designation / Key Strips As Needed
    When we move employees, employees leave, we will provide you with new DESI strips and keep your phone labels current. Key strips one time annually if requested.

  • User Guides Upon Request
    We have user guides available when you need them.

  • Preferred Service And Replacement Of Defective Equipment Per Factory Recommendations
    If a product has been deemed defective we will replace it with a comparable product.

  • Unlimited Training
    We recognize the need for training. We offer unlimited training in our office for you on your system. Call us anytime to schedule a training for a new employee or to learn more about administering your own system.

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