Five Telecommunications Savings

June 19th, 2013 by admin

Five Ways to Stay Connected and Save

1.  VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

- SIP trunks for your voice can save you money.  Instead of paying for extra lines to avoid busy signals this service can fluctuate by bursting to meet your needs at busy times.  Pay for what you use and not what you "Might" use.

2.  Conferencing Service

- If you are paying for a service to host a webinar, or conference we have the perfect thing for you.  Zultys is an everything in one box phone system, including conferencing and data sharing.  Host the meeting, invite people to it, allow another party to become the mediator.  Web Collaboration features are all included.

3.   Eliminate Desk Phones

- Save on Equipment costs by using softphones.  Softphones are a program on your computer that acts like your desk phone but is on your laptop.  Plug in a headset and you are good to go.

4.  Unified Communications

- Mobile Applications allow people to call your office phone and be connected automatically to your mobile device.  No time wasted on leaving a message, looking up numbers and playing telephone tag.  Smart phones can be your mobile office and instantly connect.

5.  Virtual Employees

- Work from home or anywhere that you have Wi-Fi.  Save money on office space by giving people the option of flexibility.  

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