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November 30th, 2017 by admin

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Today we announced that we are helping businesses reduce their office expenses and increase productivity by capitalizing on the growing trend of remote workers. As the modern workplace continues to be redefined, we plan to take a proactive approach in educating businesses on the benefits of a remote workforce, as well as the technology to make this transition.

With new technologies making it easier than ever before to work productively from any location, at any time, the number of remote workers has dramatically increased. While some managers are hesitant to embrace this new modern style of workplace and consider this trend to have overstepped its boundaries, these numbers show no sign of slowing down. In fact, according to Time Magazine, "By 2025, 3 out of every 4 workers globally, will be millennials." While millennials are often thought of to be the primary generation forcing this workplace shift, that's not the case. According to Price Waterhouse Cooper's NextGen study, it was found that "64% of millennials surveyed would like to occasionally work from home. This study also showed a slightly higher percentage, 66% to be exact, among members of Gen X and Boomers that would prefer to work from home," which implies that not only do millennials prefer a remote workspace, but everyone else in the workforce as well.

For any organization that wishes to remain at the forefront of their industry, this new paradigm cannot be ignored any longer. However, the most innovative C-Level Executives are finding ways to utilize a remote workforce to increase productivity, raise employee happiness and create more profitable organizations.

Business owners that embrace remote working are noticing an increase in productivity from their off-site employees. According to Inc. Magazine, "remote workers are almost twice as likely to work beyond 40 hours per week". The technology that we provide enable managers and employees to collaborate through video conferencing, access all of their company's data, programs, etc. in a cloud workspace environment, and leverage a cloud-based phone provided to the employee in their home. Businesses can significantly downsize their physical office and reap the rewards of reduced costs.

The benefits to the remote worker are obvious. Employees can spend more time with their loved ones, instead of wasting several hours every day stuck in stress-inducing, gridlocked traffic. Flexibility is another obvious benefit and while remote working is still largely considered to be a perk, managers are awarding their proven staff members with it.

"The happier our employees are, the happier our customers end up," stated Pete Jones, Owner/President of Nova Communications. "Many business owners are afraid of declining productivity if they embrace a remote workforce; however, we've experienced quite the opposite. There's been a much higher focus on delivering results, instead of aimless chatter around the water cooler. There are specific technological tools that greatly contribute to the success of a remote workforce."

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