New Year Business Goals

December 31st, 2013 by admin

The New Year is upon us!  Many of us are more than willing to embrace the New Year with bells on.  Part of this annual ritual often includes making resolutions for the coming months (hopefully all 12).  Making these promises to oneself can help us to set new goals, shake off some old habits, and move consciously into each day.  Most commonly resolutions have to do with health.  Up and at ‘em for daily exercise, healthy home cooked meals, and a can do attitude. Personal goals help us focus and sharpen our minds and bodies.  What if we used the same approach for our business?  How healthy is our environment, technology, and what are the goals of 2014? Here are four common goals according to SB Information. 1. Write a Business Plan 2. Improve Your Bottom Line 3. Become More Productive 4. Use Technology to Do More The first one is most likely in place unless you are planning a new venture this year.  Business plans are often used to keep the company’s vision, purpose, and goals available for reference.  For those who have established businesses, reviewing this plan and updating it with changes should be an annual event. Checks and balances are also necessary.  To improve the bottom line takes effort.  2014 may be the year to start an incentive program for employees who discover new ways to save money, or to make money. Review spending, and processes to see what can be adjusted for more profitability. Productivity also helps to increase the bottom line.  Take a good look around and see how things could be changed.  Ask team members for suggestions.  Pinpoint trouble areas and create a plan. One way to improve productivity is with technology.  Technology is changing at an outlandish pace!  New ways to speed up processes and communication are out there.  Start exploring to see the possibilities for your company.  Growing with technology is easier than overhauling everything all at once.  Measure how savvy your users are.  Some individuals may require all information through their cell phone, while others are quite content with a desktop handset.  Work at home applications may also be helpful for executives or sales teams. Whether your goals are large or small, the beginning of a new year offers a great opportunity to evaluate personal and business goals.   Best wishes to all of you for a successful, healthy, and profitable 2014!

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