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June 14th, 2018 by admin

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The project deadline is tomorrow and almost everything is ready – then the unthinkable occurs. Your computer stops working! A common nightmare in an increasingly digital workspace. Data loss, phones that won’t connect, or outdated software creating errors – these technical problems can cause a lot of trouble for your business, not to mention high costs for emergency repairs. We believe the best way to prevent these kinds of disasters is to adopt a proactive approach to IT support through our Nova Communications Partner Program.

With our proactive support model, we can identify potential problems before they cause delays and outages. This includes regular checkups on your entire phone system and replacing any old equipment before it fails. Like preventative medicine, proactive maintenance ensures that your network stays happy and healthy. Your software is always updated, equipment configured properly, and just in case something does go wrong, we can use the backup system to restore critical data and get you back to work in no time. With our Partner Program, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got all the parts on hand for fast repairs. When you combine this with our priority service and labor charge discounts, you end up paying a fraction of the cost of emergency repair!

All this and more is included in our Partner Program, so you don’t have to worry about any of your technology. Just focus on your business and let Nova Communications keep track of your IT solutions.

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