The Right Way to Invest In Technology

August 21st, 2015 by admin

Is Your Organization Protected Against the Risks of Technology?

Making the right investment decision is critical, especially in challenging economic times. It can mean life or death for any small to mid-sized business (SMB). This includes the manner of investing in new technology, because technology brings with it two embedded risks – obsolescence and unforeseen cost. Technology is a depreciating asset and business 101 teaches us to never pay cash for a depreciating asset. Plus, there is an ongoing and unknown cost to technology after it is implemented within a company. Nova Communications understands these risks and has a unique solution known as the Current Technology Assurance Plan (C-TAP) to overcome them. C-TAP is designed to increase an organization’s profitability and give it a competitive advantage. This technology investment vehicle fixes the cost of technology by bundling together hardware, software, unlimited training and all of Nova Communications’ professional services. It’s a method of acquiring technology that gives businesses a brand new element of flexibility that is much needed in today’s world. The biggest benefit of the C-TAP program is that businesses no longer face the frustration of paying cash for a depreciating asset. After purchase, it is only a matter of time before new technology becomes obsolete and this program has taken that into account. Business owners have more control over their technology budget than ever before, because C-TAP allows businesses to add in new hardware, software, equipment, or installation without increasing monthly expense. In the traditional model, businesses do not have this flexibility. For example, if a business was stuck utilizing antiquated PCs and obsolete phone systems, the business owner would simply have to purchase all new equipment via a large capital expenditure. Under C-TAP, companies can add new computers, phones or other technology solutions, while keeping their monthly cost the same. Furthermore, Nova Communications waives any labor or installation fees that would normally be incurred. “The growth of the C-TAP program is self-perpetuating,” stated Pete Jones, Owner/President of Nova Communications. “It’s a much simpler way of acquiring technology, and our customers love that. Businesses are continually evolving and infrastructure needs to shift with these changes in order to remain competitive. When our customers are able to get the technology they need without being ‘nickeled and dimed’ and we are able to earn our customers’ business month after month, both parties win. We firmly believe that the best way to win our customers over is to enhance their productivity and increase their bottom-line profitability. By partnering with our customers, we see them succeed and that turns into a positive result for everyone.”

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