Customer Technology Assurance Plan

September 17th, 2014 by admin

C-TAP has emerged as the telecommunication industry’s most innovative program. The program ensures that the telecom and information systems of small to mid-sized companies remain current and incorporate the latest in value added solutions. Technology Assurance Group (TAG), a national organization of independently owned telecommunication companies, spearheaded the development of C-TAP in strategic partnership with Great America Financial (GAF), a privately held lease financing firm. As a premier member of TAG, Nova Communications will be the only telecommunications provider in the region to offer businesses the TAG/GAF supported C-TAP program. “C-TAP is revolutionizing the manner in which telecom equipment, convergent applications such as VoIP, and connectivity infrastructure is deployed in the marketplace,” said Pete Jones, Owner/President of Nova Communications. “As a result of C-TAP, Nova Communications can now proactively manage customer telecom and information system needs in partnership with those customers. When companies participate in C-TAP it assures them that they will always be at the forefront of new innovations in technology.” C-TAP gives companies the unique ability to refresh or renew their phone equipment any time after 24 months with no change in payment. New equipment and applications are installed without labor charges. Technology can be added as required within a fixed cost that can be absorbed by an organization’s operating budget. Essentially, C-TAP allows the continued implementation of new technology within a set budget. “Let’s take Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to illustrate how C-TAP works,” stated Mr. Jones. “ACD allows companies to route incoming calls to the appropriate representative, which increases both internal efficiency and customer satisfaction. The price of ACD technology has dropped over the years and under C-TAP companies that could not afford it before can now add it with no change in their monthly commitment. This is just one example where the adoption of new technology will increase an organization’s competitive advantage and increase their profitability.” Nova Communications customers on the C-TAP program will receive numerous benefits. These benefits include 5 hours of national teleconferencing annually, call accounting analysis which detects employee misuse of phone calls, storage system and backup, remote database backup, records and training updates for the equipment administrator, and an annual audit of connectivity charges. C-TAP also provides businesses with special customer service provisions including priority queuing for adds, moves, changes, and dispatch of service calls, a guarantee of inventory on hand, preferred maintenance, periodic replacement of handset and station cords, and annual preventitive maintenance visits. “We’re thrilled about C-TAP and announcing it to our valuable customers,” added Mr. Jones. “Adopting this program illustrates our continued commitment to our customers. Their organizations can both grow and adapt in the changing information marketplace within a budget fixed at the inception of the C-TAP program.”

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