IT Security Trends for Businesses this Year

August 12th, 2021 by admin

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IT security has become one of the leading concerns in the corporate sector in recent years. Today, IT security preparation or the lack of it is of more concern than conventional (physical/parametric) security measures. Since the IT world operates at a very fast pace, security concerns and solutions are also updated after very short intervals. This is why you find new IT security trends almost every year. 2021 is no different.

Many new IT security trends have come to the fore in 2021 as well. In this post, we will try to quickly walk you through some of the handy ongoing IT security trends that every organization should take into account.

Improving the Security-Savviness of Employees

The pandemic has changed our collective and individual lives for good. If we particularly talk about its effects on the corporate sector, it has made remote working a norm. Since a remote working environment has loose boundaries and doesn’t entail strict security protocols that employees usually follow in an in-house setup, it becomes more vulnerable to cyber threats.

In other words, organizations become more susceptible to IT threats if they boast a remote working environment. To get around this intrinsic shortcoming of a remote working environment, more companies now expect their employees to be more self-responsible and security-savvy (e.g., using VPN, foiling phishing attempts, taking care of endpoint security). Many organizations have also started IT security workshops for employees so they can successfully face the security challenges of a remote working environment.

More AI-Enabled Security Solutions

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are continuously gaining traction on the operational side of businesses. One of AI’s many business uses is integration in cybersecurity solutions. Many IT security companies are proactively working on developing AI-enabled IT security solutions. Similarly, business owners and decision-makers have also realized the far-reaching importance of AI for IT security.

AI-enabled security programs and applications are not “programmed” to work against certain threats. Instead, they are designed in a way where they can adapt and evolve with evolving cybersecurity threats.

Cyber Insurance

With cyber and IT security taking precedence over physical security, the business now also needs insurance coverage that addresses IT security breaches and lapses. Therefore, many insurance companies have introduced cyber insurance for individuals and businesses. This coverage can help a business to mitigate the repercussions of successful cyber attacks and IT security failure.

Just like conventional insurance policies, cyber insurance also requires businesses to maintain a basic security level to avail the full coverage.

Zero Trust Approach for Data Safety

Data is the main target in most cyber attacks. Therefore, security experts continuously work on developing new models and approaches for data safety and protection. One of the new additions in this regard is the zero-trust approach. In simple words, the zero-trust approach involves stringent network and data access protocols where no network, device, or user is considered “trusted” by default.

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