One Server Does It All With Toshiba

January 21st, 2015 by admin

Full business phone features plus advanced contact center capabilities — all in one compact server

Toshiba’s contact center applications — automatic call distribution (ACD) and reporting — have traditionally been delivered on a dedicated server working with the Toshiba business phone system. Now, Toshiba’s IPedge® Virtual Server delivers the capabilities of Toshiba’s IPedge business communications system plus contact center capabilities all in one compact server. This integrated solution makes it simpler than ever to run an efficient and effective contact center. Linux®based IPedge business communications and Windows®based contact center applications reside on the same server in a VMware® virtual environment. One server to deploy, one vantage point for system management — for a simpler network, easier administration, easier licensing and lower cost. IPedge Virtual Server — IPedge Business Communications Preloaded with advanced features right out of the box IPedge Virtual Server — Contact Center Features Fast, efficient and cost-effective customer service for organizations of all sizes
  • Advanced call routing based on caller ID, agent skills, account number, time or date, and more
  • Multiple call distribution methods, such as skills-based, round-robin, and preferred or priority agent
  • Multiple group agent login so agents can answer calls for multiple agent groups
  • Intelligent announcements, informing callers of place in queue, estimated time to answer and more
  • Interactive voice response to gather and validate caller input and trigger predefined responses
  • PC integration to manage calls from a computer, synchronized with your operations, CRM or contact software
  • Reports and wall displays to analyze agent performance, group activity and system status
  • Network ACD to enable multi-site contact centers to work together as one integrated call routing system
  • Multimedia Web callback and chat initiated from the company’s Web site
Get Toshiba’s IPedge Virtual Server for yourself. It’s easy. There’s just a single license file, activated once for IPedge, ACD and reporting. With enterprise-wide, Web-based system administration, your telecom manager can securely monitor and manage all of these applications from one Enterprise Manager interface with one login — from anywhere locally or remotely, using a Web browser. It is that simple.  

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