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December 18th, 2018 by admin

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First of all, what is cryptojacking? Cryptocurrency, which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more, was created in 2009 and has become the new virtual currency used as a medium for exchange. Cryptocurrency has become one of the top news stories for the past few years, and it is even rumored to one day take over regular fiat legal tender. Owners of any amount of the cryptocurrency keep them in a virtual wallet, similar to how we save our regular money. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin can be earned through a myriad of ways like directly buying or selling, providing a service or through a much bigger process called mining. We are not going to go through the complex process of mining, but it can involve hundreds or even thousands of computers.

Since cryptocurrency is purely digital it becomes more susceptible to cybercriminals and attacks. These hackers use ransomware-style tactics to use someone else's computer or machine to mine the virtual currency, hence the term, cryptojacking. Through malicious emails, ads, or links on a website a code is then embedded on to the computer or server and operates in the background.

This sort of attack is on the rise and affecting individuals and businesses alike. Already this year, more than half of the companies in the UK have fallen victim to cryptojacking. These attacks are minimally intrusive and can be on your system for very long periods of time before you ever even realize it.

Nova Communications is helping businesses prevent these attacks from damaging their organizations. Due to these attacks going unnoticed, many companies may be completely unaware that their systems have been compromised. It is essential that endpoints, devices, accounts, VPNs, cloud-based servers, and networks are routinely checked. We offer industry-leading technology for your business and 24-hour support. If you suspect your systems may be compromised, contact us today.

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