Virtual, Premise Or Hosted?

February 2nd, 2015 by admin

Premises, Virtual Or Hosted? Which is right for Your Business?

If it’s time to update your traditional PBX to a more modern option, the choices can be confusing. Corporations have access to incredibly robust and flexible unified communications systems that make just about any telecommunications need a reality, but determining the best solution for each company depends on a variety of factors. The options include local premises-based systems, virtual solutions and fully hosted, cloud-based solutions. Each has pros and cons, so consider the pro’s and con’s for your organization. With Zultys, businesses can get the same features and functionality, utilize the same phones and manage the system with the same software, so the preference really depends on your specific operation, logistics, budget and other factors unique to your business. Fully hosted solutions like those from Zultys mean that the data from the phone system can be accessed from anywhere.
Fully Hosted
Cloud-based telecommunications options are hosted off site at state-of-the-art, monitored, managed and fully-redundant data centers. Advantages to this that come in the form of redundancy for your information. By running your unified communication system through the cloud, it will be supported by a company that has more than just one location. Should there be an internet outage or some kind of natural disaster at one data center, the backup locations would take over and continue to offer service seamlessly to customers.
Some companies and governmental organizations work with proprietary and confidential data that cannot be stored anywhere outside of the primary office location. In those cases, businesses may opt for a premises-based solution that puts the telecom server within the office or building. You can have complete control over the management of their system, SIP trunks and integration with your data network.
Hardware Considerations
Premises-based solutions require the purchase and installation of hardware and give you more control over the technological infrastructure of the unified communications systems. Cloud-based options are hosted offsite and the cost of the hardware and phone trunks is included in the monthly hosting fee. In essence, you rent space on the servers through your monthly payment to the hosting company.
Start Up Speed
Businesses that need access to a working phone system quickly may fare better with cloud-based options. Fully hosted, managed systems are configured remotely by technical support providers of the hosting company and not by internal staff. All that needs to be done onsite is to connect your phones! This enables things to be done quickly, professionally and efficiently, often deploy within just a few days. Alternatively, premises-based solutions require set-up and installation and programming time that may need to be performed by highly trained internal staff, in conjunction with a local trained and certified dealer. This is ideal for those who have highly skilled IT staff and require additional security, encryption or special circumstances.
It Can Be an “And” Rather Than an “Or”
While there are valuable advantages and benefits of both fully hosted and premises-based options, a number of hybrid options are available, such as virtual systems that can be individually tailored to the needs of client. Virtual systems can offer off-site access through a privately run cloud server, and cloud-based options also can have local backups for important data. You can also mix and match hosted, virtual and premises-based systems into a comprehensive networked system to address unique needs of a corporate headquarters, as well as branch or remote offices. No matter what the needs of your businesses, you can pinpoint the perfect solution by working with their local Nova Comminications, your Zultys certified dealer. For more information or to see what service option is right for you, call Nova Communications to request a free, no obligation site survey today.

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