Why Your Organization Need to Move from Conventional Telephony to VoIP

September 1st, 2021 by admin

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Almost every company irrespective of its size and niche extensively depends on voice communications. If your organization still uses conventional telephone systems to take care of this communication channel, it is time to move to a VoIP system. There are multiple reasons why every business should move to VoIP from conventional telephones.

The Cost Factor

The first and foremost reason for any business to switch from conventional landlines to VoIP should be its overall lower cost. VoIP systems are more cost-effective than conventional telephone systems in every sense of the word. To begin with, you don’t have to pay heavy upfront costs in setting up the hardware of VoIP systems. In comparison to conventional telephone systems, VoIP hardware is nonexistent.

Moreover, VoIP is also a better option than conventional phones in terms of operating expenses. Unlike traditional phones, VoIP doesn’t entail per-minute tariffs, more charges for long-distance calls, and a tax outlay.

Facilitates Agile, Remote Working Environment

Remote work has emerged as a new business reality since last year. VoIP communication systems are intrinsically in line with the requirements of a remote working environment. As mentioned earlier, VoIP systems are not dependent on large, fixed hardware elements. All you need is a working internet connection to run a VoIP setup.

This mobility of VoIP allows you and your team to take care of your communication while working from anywhere in your remote work arrangement.

Easy to Scale

Scaling and expanding a conventional telephone system involves a lot of hassle. Not only does it consume a lot of setup cost, it also takes more time (we are talking about days or even weeks) in scaling up a regular telephone network. In contrast, the VoIP system is as easy to scale as it gets. You can scale up a 10-user VoIP system five or even ten times its size on a phone call or email and within a couple of minutes.

Better Call Quality

Besides cost and logistics, VoIP is also a better communication system than traditional telephones due to its excellent call quality. A well-supported VoIP system guarantees that you don’t have to repeat yourself due to poor call quality. The voice quality of VoIP networks is so top-notch that recipients feel they are having an in-person interaction with you.

Also Supports Video Communication

Video communication is now also a part of intra and inter-organizational correspondence. You can take care of it with your VoIP system. On top of that, you don’t have to pay anything more than your standard subscription to use the video communication facilities of a VoIP system.

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