4 Surefire Signs Your Business is VoIP Ready

November 30th, 2021 by admin

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Access to the right technology at the right time can make all the difference. Sometimes your business may integrate a technology solution but may not be ready to leverage it to its full potential. Hence, you may find the investment as a cost instead of a profit-driver. So, when it comes to technology integration, timing is of the essence. And this is precisely what we'll focus on in this post. Read on to learn the surefire signs that indicate your business is VOIP ready.

Unlike the legacy phone systems that use traditional analog signals, your business can make and receive calls via the internet with VoIP. Put simply, VoIP is the next generation for voice calls. Here are some signs that show your business is ready to adopt VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

1. You Promote Remote Work Culture

Ever since the pandemic, many businesses across industries have adopted the remote work culture. Hence, it gave employees the flexibility to work from their homes. Even post-pandemic businesses haven't switched entirely to the previous work system. In fact, it is expected that business owners may adopt a hybrid work culture in the future–giving employees the flexibility to work from home and office whichever they are comfortable with.

If you have also permitted your staff to work remotely or have a hybrid workforce, it is best to integrate VoIP solutions. This is much needed because traditional phones aren't available outside the physical office space, making it difficult for your remotely located employees to interact and communicate with team members, prospects, and customers.

However, with VoIP, you can ensure unified communication from anywhere. With VoIP, your team can use their phones from anywhere. They can use a mobile app or desktop. All they need is an internet connection. And do you know what does that means? That's right; with VoIP, your business can grow and scale without any limitation.

2. You Have a Growing Volume of Business Calls

You may need to invest in VoIP solutions if your business is witnessing substantial growth in call volumes from partners, prospects, and customers. Not only does VoIP allow your team to deliver excellent customer service by ensuring all calls are answered, but it also has the ability to use Interactive Voice Response. Also known as IVR, this feature helps you manage your queue better. It provides callers options on where to direct the call and other information like address, an hour of operations. Moreover, with modern VoIP systems, you can update and change your IVR to meet your callers' needs

3. You're Planning Business Expansion

If your business is in the growth stage, and you're opening your offices in multiple locations, then consider shifting from traditional phones to VoIP systems. If you continue with traditional phones, you will have a significant investment in buying the hardware and creating the entire setup to get things up and running. This will increase cost and take too much time to set up your operations at new locations.

However, scalability is one of the top benefits of VoIP systems. It is a flexible technology that encompasses the entire organization regardless of your location. All you will have to do is add new lines. No additional hardware or installation is required. You can scale your service fast and whenever you want with complete flexibility.

4. You Want to Offer Round the Clock Service

When your business goal is customer retention, it's important to ensure that your business never sleeps. Hence, you want to ensure your business is readily available on call 24x7x365 whenever your clients want to reach out to you. This is when it is best to invest in VoIP services.

VoIP can provide clients access to your business round the clock. The find me and follow call routing feature can direct your calls across devices. When it sees your work phone is ringing, but there is no response, it will direct the call to your cell and then to your home phone until you pick it up. Moreover, you can also set up VoIP to have incoming calls ring on all devices simultaneously. Therefore, you can pick up whichever device is accessible to you at that time.

At Nova Technologies, we specialize in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. We can provide you with the best solutions as per your needs with complete satisfaction. Contact us today to transition from a traditional phone system to a VoIP system now.

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