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July 18th, 2022 by admin

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With the passage of time, the business world has largely evolved, and most conventional practices are being replaced with more modern, cost-effective, and faster solutions. One such solution is the integration of VoIP technologies into the business since they fulfill communication gaps and allow smooth operations despite the distances.

While most businesses in this day and age are taking advantage of hosted voice, some that lack the capital or skill to integrate one are being left behind; if you are also someone whose business falls into the second category, then there is no need to worry, because Nova Technologies, a leading voice and data company allows you to take up professional voice services in exchange for less than a quarter of the cost it would take for you to hire employees and set it up on your own thus saving you of both capital losses and headaches.

Sounds good, right? Well, wait until you hear about the benefits of Nova Technologies' hosted voice solutions.

Benefits of Using Nova Technologies Hosted Voice Solutions

There are a number of benefits Hosted Voice Solutions offer and here are some of them:

  • Lower Investment

    Back in the day, businesses, big or small, all had to invest heavily in buying expensive phone devices and lay down long telephones wires to make communication possible; however, many times it does not make sense to use premises-based devices in this day and age, now Nova Technologies allows you to replace expensive premise bounded phone devices with VoIP.

  • Extremely Mobile

    With most businesses adopting the hybrid working framework, it only makes sense to integrate mobility into your phone systems. With Nova Technologies hosted voice solutions, you can access your voice systems from anywhere.

  • Use of Latest Features

    Running a business in this day and age, it is essential to keep up with industry standards, and that is precisely what Nova Technologies wants for you, which is why the company, in its hosted voice solutions, offers an entirely programmable advanced IP feature that makes it easy to integrate any required part.

  • Easy Networking

    When using conventional phone systems, it is almost impossible to integrate multi-site locations and allow communication between them; however, with Nova Technologies' hosted voice solutions, you can quickly form a network between different locations, thus making communications between other offices/locations smooth.

  • The Flexibility of Payments

    We understand that smaller and local businesses can often be short of capital. Hence, we allow our clients to form a systematic investment plan for their payment and make it possible for every business to upgrade their communication without worrying about costs.

Multiple Plans to Choose From

Having worked with businesses of various kinds, we understand that the needs of one business differ from the other, which is why the we allow our clients to choose from three different packages, namely the 'Standard,' 'Premium,' and 'Contact Center.'

As the name suggests, the standard package offers essential voice service utilities that every business needs; the premium is a more advanced version that includes features such as mobile applications and FAX sessions; it is recommended for larger scales. Lastly, the contact center package will allow any business to build a proper call center atmosphere and maximize their communication game. Before investing in a package, we will always suggest you let us first analyze your business needs and then help you choose the package that fits right.

Why Choose Nova Technologies?

Based in Plymouth, Nova Technologies is an establishment that has been flourishing since the 1980s. While it initially started as an ESI organization, in 2002 Nova switched to an independent dealer of digital solutions providers.

Since then, there hasn't been anything that has stopped Nova from moving forward. The technical professionals at Nova Technologies have an average of 15 years of experience, and this experience is usually based on voice/data systems.

So, if you are a company intrigued by the fantastic benefits hosted voice solutions offer, then we hope that we might be your pick to avail of this service.

We have several clients who have put immense trust in Nova, and the company has never let this trust go to vain. Nova has always provided the best services and has always fulfilled the requirements and outcomes it promised.

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