Why Choosing SIP for Your Business Is a Great Decision

October 12th, 2022 by admin

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If there is one thing that keeps businesses going, it is the perfect communication between all employees and departments. However, sometimes due to unstable network activity or some other reason, communication can be disrupted.

During a phone call, having the ability to share documents efficiently can drastically improve your employees' productivity. SIP allows for these efficient conversations to take place.

What is SIP?

SIP – or Session Initiation Protocol is a service protocol that allows two or more users to communicate with each other via video calls, phone, or messages. The service can be installed on all devices with stable internet connectivity.

The Difference Between VoIP and SIP

Many believe that VoIP and SIP are the same or provide the same services. That is not the case, so let us differentiate it for you. VoIP is a telephone service, while SIP is a protocol to initiate communications through VoIP or other technology.

If you are someone who believes that SIP might be a great inclusion within your business but aren't sure of its benefits, then let us help you. Below are all the points that will help you understand how efficiently a SIP service can help your business grow and make communication easier for you.

The Benefits of Session Initiation Protocol

When choosing a particular service, companies look into every benefit and advantage it can provide. Below are the benefits of SIP:

Cost Effective

Since SIP routes calls over the internet instead of through a traditional phone company, your voice costs can be reduced by as much as 50%. Additionally, your company will only pay for what it needs, eliminating high costs for unused seats.


The flexibility this service provides is one of the main reasons it is gaining popularity. With traditional phone systems, employees could only receive calls at their desks. With SIP, calls can be easily routed to mobile devices, allowing for remote work.

Local Number Portability

SIP trunking allows your company to set phone numbers with local area codes. Even if your business doesn't have a physical location in the area code, it will enable prospective customers to call a non-800 number.

Seamless Networking

When your business uses SIP trunking, all of your communication channels will be moved to a single data network. As a result, your company no longer needs to manage or develop patchwork voice integrations.

Where to Choose the Best SIP Provider?

Now that you know how excellent this service is, you definitely would be planning to opt for one. Want a service provider?

Well, choose none other than Nova Technologies. Having worked in the communication business for years, Nova Technologies is the perfect go-to place for any issue involving VoIP, SIP, or managed service. Contact us today.

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