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Why Should Your Business Utilize a Contact Center?

April 17th, 2024 by admin

A smiling person working ontheir laptop while answering their desk phone through a headset

Customer experience is pivotal in determining the success of a business. A contact center is the heart of customer service operations, providing a centralized platform for managing customer inquiries, resolving issues, and fostering positive interactions....

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Nova Technologies Drives Small to Mid-Sized Businesses' Profitability and Performance with the Latest in Integrated Contact Center Technology

July 10th, 2023 by admin

A close-up of a woman on a headset, with another woman on a headset in the background to represent contact centers.

Leading Managed Technology Services Provider Enhances Productivity and Customer Service for Local Organizations PLYMOUTH, MN - Nova Technologies a leading Managed Technology Services Provider (MTSP), announced today that the company is delivering...

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What are the Benefits of a Contact Center?

December 27th, 2022 by admin

A smiling contact center employee

Contact center solutions are software and hardware systems that enable organizations to manage customer experience, employees, and operations. These solutions can include a variety of features, such as interactive voice response (IVR), self-service...

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The Connection Between Business Phone Systems and Customer Service

July 6th, 2021 by admin

 Black woman on phone and computer smiling

Many budding businesses that are scaling up and transforming into bigger enterprises often ignore one important element of telecommunication infrastructure, i.e., a business phone system. Despite all the online technology and cyber connectivity,...

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Nova Technologies Provides Voice Solutions for Your Remote Workforce

September 23rd, 2020 by admin

A blonde woman working remotely using a laptop

When businesses moved to a remote workforce at the onset of the pandemic, many they did so without supplying their employees with the usual tools they had in the office. Employees may have been using personal computers and cellphones to complete...

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Nova Communications Educates Customer on the Challenges of VoIP and How to Overcome Them

June 11th, 2019 by admin

Man on phone that is coming through a laptop

PLYMOUTH, MN – May 2019 – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has been prescribed as a cure-all for business communication, especially in the recent years. Driven primarily by the significant cost savings associated with the technology,...

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Five Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Unified Communications

June 2nd, 2019 by admin

User interaction on a VoIP phone

Unified communications (UC) refer to the different types of enterprise-level media, applications, services, software, and business technology that seamlessly integrate into your phone systems. This integration allows for enhanced mobility, efficiency,...

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Nova Communications Explains the Value of Call Recording and Why Businesses Should Care

April 16th, 2019 by admin

Close-up on VoIP Phone

PLYMOUTH, MN – March 2019 – When a business owner is looking to set up the phones within his company, he can’t help but be overwhelmed with complex terms like VoIP, SIP, Hosted VoIP, PBX Systems, Managed Services, and Unified Communications....

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Our Services

March 16th, 2018 by admin

A finger touching a tablet with small icons representing technology

Looking for a wide range of services that satisfy your voice and data needs? Take a look at Zultys; offering you unified messaging, voicemail and the traditional phone features you know and love. Imagine having your email, SMS, fax, voicemail...

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Nova Will Help You Explore ALL Options

Hosted, Virtual, VoIP or Traditional Phone System… Which fits your company best?